Hi All,

It’s the time of the year when the cross country events come thick and fast. No sooner than today’s event (the Surrey Masters Cross Country) is over, than we have a whole batch of November races to let you know about. So make a cuppa and have a read of the below:

1. Surrey Cross Country League – Saturday 12 November

This is the race that we would like as many runners to attend as possible, as it impacts our position in the league table. We are currently sitting pretty at the top of the table in League Two, and would like a great turnout for November’s race to keep it that way.

Our race is at 2pm at Oxshott Woods, with a distance of 3.5 miles. The organisers say that the train station is only 2 minutes walk from the race venue, so nice and easy to get to by train from Wimbledon.

The men are racing just before us at 1pm.

There is no entry deadline for this race, but please let us know sooner rather than later if you can attend, so we can get everyone registered to run.

2. London Cross Country Championships – Saturday 19 November

This is at Parliament Hill, on Hampstead Heath, an iconic cross country venue. The course is challenging but still a favourite, so definitely one you should attempt if you are a cross country fan. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a “championship” event.  Entry is available to all runners, no matter what speed you are.

Our race is at 1.15pm over a distance of 6km. The men race after us at 2pm.

We need to get entries done this coming week for this event. We do pay per-runner for this race, so please make sure that you can make the date before letting us know. If you are interested, let us know by Thursday 3rd November.

3. South of the Thames Cross Country – Saturday 26 November

This is a great event, where the men and women run in the same race, over the same distance. So definitely one for fans of the “Run Equal” campaign.

The race is at 2pm at Lloyd Park, Croydon and a distance of 5 miles. Lloyd Park has a tram stop, so again easy to get to by public transport.

Again, we pay an entry fee per runner for this event. So please check you can make the date before signing up. You need to let us know by Sunday 13 November if you want to run this event.

For all of the above races you need to be EA registered and should wear club kit.

Club members please send an email to the women’s captains or men’s captains if you would like to run in any of the above, or if you have any questions.

Hopefully see you soon. Ella & Bernadette.