The club’s proposed new constitution is posted on the club website today, Monday 3rd January 2022. Members are encouraged to comment on the new constitution and to send any feedback to the club secretary by 28th February 2022. The updated constitution will then be put forward for member approval at the club’s Annual General meeting on Thursday 10th March 2022.

To view the new constitution go to (you’ll need to be logged in – contact the secretary if you don’t yet have a username for the new club website). If you prefer to receive a copy by email, or if you require a different format or have any questions please contact club secretary Anne Davies.

The club’s constitution is a governing document that defines the club’s rules. The purpose of updating the constitution is to ensure that our club has the appropriate rules in place to ensure that we are well governed and provide a duty of care to our members, in line with our affiliated sports bodies’ club standards (England Athletics and British Triathlon Federation).

Kind regards,

Anne Davies, Secretary, Wimbledon Windmilers