It’s that time of year again when we like to recognise and celebrate members of the club who have made significant contributions to the club this year, whether it’s by helping the club at races, at coaching, or in putting on impressive race performances. Last year was what we shall euphemistically call an “interesting one” – with few races and events for much of the year, we instead chose some “Stars of the Year”, voted by you, our members. These were people who had contributed much to the club during those difficult months of 2020. If you missed this, you can read more about it here:

This year, however, with many events back on (even if not at their usual times!) we are bringing back our more usual awards – but with an emphasis on looking across 2020 and 2021. So, it’s time to get thinking about those people in the club who have put in stellar performances, whose consistent training has paid off, who have improved by leaps and bounds and who have given so much to the club.

But we need your nominations to award them! Below you will find a link to a form to fill in, including some basic criteria for each award. Please submit your nominations, and the reasoning behind them. You don’t have to fill in every category, but we’d love as many responses as possible. Please don’t just leave it to other people or assume someone else will do it – if you don’t nominate them, they might not get an award!

The categories are:

– Athletes of the year 

– Veterans of the year 

– Improver of the year 

– Marathon performance of the year

– Ultra performance of the year  

– Multisport athlete of the year 

– Coach of the year 

– Windmiler of the year 

Please have a little think – but not for too long, because we need your submissions by 25th November:

The awards will be announced at the Christmas Party on 16th December. We know you can’t all be there, however, so we will at the same time publish them on Facebook, on the club website and we will also look into the possibility of streaming live over Zoom or similar. We want everyone to see who we are all celebrating.  It’s a real privilege to call out and celebrate those in our club, so please take five minutes to fill in the form, we’d really appreciate it. 

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