If you have not yet signed up for the special cross country season Session on Sat 9th October there is still time. This is a unique progression run which you will not have an opportunity to try very often so don’t miss it..

The session is based on our popular Trail to Track session – starting on the Common, progressing on paved roads and finishing with some intervals on the track. There will be a bag drop to ferry light bags/kit to the track. Runners will be organised in pace groups – so you will be training with others of your current ability fitness.

The session is suitable for anyone who can confidently run 8 km (5 miles) whatever your pace and it would be great to see many of you give it a go. New members are very welcome as are any old hands.

Do not think that you are too slow, too old, too etc. etc.

There is no obligation to subsequently run in the Surrey League but it will be a great opportunity to meet those that will and gain advice and information. The session will also suit anyone who enjoys MABACs.

Both Andrew and Norman firmly believe that a XC team races from the back – the team performing much better when we turn out in large numbers. Each runner encourages the runner in front to push on, and so on to the tip of the spear.

So come and have ago and Andrew, Norman, Richard, Peter & James are looking forward to coaching you on the day (members only):