Starting this week we make the transition to our autumn/winter training schedule which sees us utilising our road circuit

session plans on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As previously mentioned please give serious consideration to wearing some hi-viz clothing and/or lights when attending these sessions. This is for your own safety and our reputation as a club and running community. Whilst we stop short of making this mandatory we really do encourage you to do this.

Shortly, the club coaches will be reviewing the overall approach to training – considering matters such as group sizes, continuing pre-registration via Eventbrite and if we should start meeting indoors at Belgrave Hall again.

However for the time being we are going to stick with our current arrangements – of EB sign up for most sessions, max. group sizes of 12+ coach and meeting at Lauriston Road mid-week. (Sundays of course do not require pre-registration).

One change you will notice mid week is that capacity has been doubled to two groups on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Each session is different so you have a choice of which venue to train at. These are all based on well established Windmiler sessions.

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