The Wimbledon Windmilers Committee has agreed to recommend that all Windmilers consider wearing an ‘In case of emergency’ (ICE) product during Windmilers running, cycling or swimming sessions, or carry emergency contact details with them. Coaches will encourage members to do so at their sessions. If a club member is wearing an ICE product or carrying emergency contact details there is no need to complete the emergency contacts part of the sign-in sheet.

There are many suppliers of ICE products, including ‘parkrun’. Windmilers may choose any supplier that they prefer. The committee has arranged a 20% discount from OneLifeID, which supplies a wide range of ICE products.

The Windmiler 20% discount voucher is available to members only and can be found on the ‘Forums’ page of the website (, on the members-only FaceBook page, in the club’s weekly email newsletter, in the May 2020 edition of the Waffle, or by emailing mailto:[email protected].

Discounted prices (including postage) are as follows:

Windmiler shoe tag x 3 £6.29                                             

‘parkrun’ barcode shoe tag x 3 £7.09                               

Silicone bracelet £13.49                                                        

Adjustable silicone strap £16.69                                        

Any other OneLifeID product                                             

“I wear an ICE product to help others to help me if they are present when I am unfortunate enough to have an emergency. Although I think the chances of an emergency are very low, I want to make it as easy as possible for emergency personnel or fellow Windmilers to contact my family if needed”

Anne Davies, Wimbledon Windmiler

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Windy Miller · June 12, 2021 at 9:56 am

I always wear my Windmilers ICE products when out running.

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