Saturday Track Training

Saturday track training - (9:30 AM at Wimbledon Park Athletics Track)

A great all-round session, suitable for all adult members. The track session's content will vary depending on the coach leading the session but will usually follow the format:

  • Warm up (jogging the "wrong way" round the track)
  • Drills, exercises, stretches
  • Plyometric exercises (optional - do a jogging warm up if you prefer)
  • More warming up
  • Main set (see the top right hand side of the site for the content, which changes each week)
  • Cool down
  • Exercises and stretching (often including upper body work, planks, press ups, that sort of thing)
  • Cake at the park cafe (optional, and weather dependent) - we usually finish the session at around 11.30.

The track/stadium is occasionally booked by other users, especially in the summer. On these occasions, if there is no access to the track, the training session will still take place, usually on the grass outside the entrance nearer to Wimbledon Park Road gate.

Saturday track training will be led by the following coaches:

11 Mar: Keith M

18 Mar: Mark to lead (not a coached WW session)

25 Mar: Ralph

1 Apr: Keith M

8 Apr: Craig

15 Apr: Craig

22 Apr:  Claire

29 Apr: David W

6 May: Keith M

13 May:

[For coaches: future dates in 2017 when the track is booked by another user - 20 May, 5 Aug]


Please contact me if you require any further information.

Dave W