All Windmiler events need the generous help of a team of marshalls and volunteers to make sure things run smoothly.  For example, the monthly 3 mile handicap that's staged throughout summer months needs marshalls at every turn or path junction around the course to make sure runners don't head off down the wrong tracks!  This race also needs an overall race coordinator, two people to hand our race numbers and start times, plus a couple of timekeepers.  Once the race is over the results have to be calculated and prizes awarded.  So you can see even the smallest races need a considerable number of helpers. 

For the bigger races such as our annual club 10k staged on Wimbledon Common the complexity and level of coordination is even greater and so needs even more volunteers for things like water stations, first aid, etc.

If you feel you are able to volunteer then please email the Events Coordinator David Turner so that he has your name for future reference.